Pre-premiere of “Korp, korp” at Barnas Verdensdager in Hammerfest the 8th, 9th and 10th of May.


The children enter a sculptural, three dimentional sound installation, together with two peculiar characters, identical, like twins. Maybe human, maybe birds, maybe both. Through their eyes, we see this landscape unfolding through four seasons.

Pre-premiere in Hammerfest, Arktisk kultursenter, 3. floor, Studio Solveig Leinan-Hermo

Thursday May 8th at 0930 and 1030
FridayMay 9th at 0930 and 1030
Saturday May 10th, Barnas verdensdager

The abstract landscape we draws inspiration from our Nordic heritage. But how can one define “the Nordic landscape”? It´s diverse and varied: plateus, vulcanic rocks, green mosscled islands, forests, farm fields, coast, mountains, fjords, lakes, snow and ice. The nordic countries has such a rich and diverse landscape that it proves hard to draw a common line. Still, there is this definition: “the Nordic Landscape”, and most would agree that there is something particular, definable about “the Nordic Landscape”.

The children meet two dancers in this environment. Two peculiar shapes, birdlike and identical. Maybe human, maybe birds, maybe both. These birdtwins land in the unknown landscape together with the children, and together they embark on discovering a new world.

The installation is sculptural, threedimentional, and filled with objects. We focus on experiencing the room with our senses: the children can see, smell, look, hear, touch, move and be present. Within a set phramework of a performance there is freedom for improvisation and discovery.

30min performances with time for play and further discovery in the room afterwards.

Concept, idea, choreography and dance: Annika Ostwald, Ida Uvaas
Composer, sound design: Jens L. Thomsen
Scenographer, sculptor: Carl Nilssen-Love
Electronics development:  Hans Wilmers, NOTAM
Technician: Cato Langnes, NOTAM
Character development: Nancy Mannes
Costume design: Elena Becker in collaboration with Maria Melinder
Lighting consultant: Martin Myrvold
Photography: Anja Elmine Basma

Collaborators and co-producers: Dansearena Nord, Nord-Trøndelag Teater, Dans i Nord-Trøndelag og NOTAM Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and the Arts.

Supported by: Kunstløftet (Art Council Norway), Nordic Culturepoint and Fund for Performing Artists