10th December Ida Uvaas was part of the panel in the seminar Good art for small people at Bærum Kulturhus, ICE HOT.

Theatre and dance for babies are becoming more and more popular. The demand for good performances is increasing.
What characterizes good art for the youngest audience? How do we cater for babies’ ways of experience and expression? What trends and methods are currently predominant in theatre and dance for babies?
We have invited artists and scholars to share their experience and findings in a seminar on the very youngest audience. An inspirational introduction will be followed by an informal panel discussion, where seminar participants are invited to take part.
The seminar takes place during ICE HOT– Nordic Dance Platform. The first two days are designated productions for KIDS – which provides a perfect setting for encounters and interchange between the platform delegates and Norwegian companies dedicated to a young audience.
Main speaker | Ben Fletcher-Watson
Panel: Inger Cecilie Bertrand de Lis, Ida Uvaas, Leif Hernes

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